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an early form of machine gun having several barrels that fire in sequence as they are rotated

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62 mm Gatling gun (for which a 3000-round magazine and feed system are available), but other weapons can be installed such as the M240 and M60, both in 7.
Weapons include three Phalanx Gatling guns, two 20mm guns and NATO Seagnat decoy launchers.
Other blockages now flowing down the rivers of conversations are girlish giggling and artificial laughter sounding very similar to unoiled Gatling guns.
Products manufactured in Saco include the MK19 and MK47 40 mm grenade weapon systems, high-speed multi-barrel Gatling guns and M2 50-cal.
Weapons include a short-range air defense system and Gatling guns.
Evoking images of broken squares of British troops, jammed Gatling guns, ferocious locals, gunboats on the Nile, the Camel Corps and the charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman, the story also brings together a cast of larger-than-life characters--Gordon, Wolseley, Kitchener, Gladstone, Churchill, the Madhi, the Khalifa Abdallahi and many others.
The A10 Warthog attacked a group of British armoured vehicles in daylight, raking the convoy with its Gatling guns.
The A10 Warthog "tankbuster" is believed to have attacked a group of British armoured vehicles in broad daylight, opening fire with its Gatling guns.
Not only are we excited to give people a chance to see these special cars, but we're thrilled that they can actually go out and purchase production vehicles like these from their local dealerships, without the Gatling guns and rockets, of course,' said Jan Valentic, Ford's vice president of global marketing.
But instead of six-shooters and Gatling guns they employ Merseyside wit and a North West independent spirit - not to say bloodymindedness - to deadly effect.
The tribesmen fought bravely, but were defeated by superior discipline and weaponry -- including two Gatling guns.
After hammering on the planes' huge Gatling guns, which can fire up to 3,900 DU rounds per minute, and pouring blood into their engines, the four were arrested and charged with trespassing, destruction of property, and burglary.
The Top Gear presenter took to the air in a chopper armed with two Gatling guns capable of blasting 8,000 bullets a minute.
The app also offers weapons upgrades like rocket launchers and Gatling guns.
There will be installation of Gatling Guns on this Agusta helicopter fleet as well.