Gatling gun

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an early form of machine gun having several barrels that fire in sequence as they are rotated

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Still, a new close-air support aircraft could serve as a "flying Coke machine"--perhaps a "flying Swiss Army knife" would be a better analogy--that included a Gatling gun, a couple different missiles and a laser that could be attenuated from lethal to nonlethal scenarios.
The Gatling gun kept jamming and there were several casualties among the gun crews (Lieutenant Molony had a narrow escape when a bullet passed through the middle of his helmet as he bent down to lay the Gatling).
fires the 30 mm Gatling gun on the A-10 Thunderbolt II at the Barry M.
Over the last few days, with a Conservative government in power and Henry Cecil firing off winners like a Gatling gun, you might think we had been transported back to the early 1980s.
It was this conflict that saw the introduction of deadly military inventions ranging from the repeating rifle to the Gatling gun.
The difference: The Subie sounds like an RC airplane and the Camaro sounds like a gasoline-powered Gatling gun.
The system consists of the Raytheon Phalanx radar for targeting rockets and the 20-millimetre Vulcan Gatling gun to shoot them down, with each component costing $25 million (e1/419 million), Haaretz said.
The Phalanx CIWS is a 20mm, rapid-fire, Gatling gun utilized as a last defense against anti-ship cruise missiles.
Some of the museum's ghosts, Ogle believes, may be linked to the presence of an original Gatling gun -- the first "machine gun" -- used by the Union Army.
In Boston, Brahmins held a black-tie scrap party that yielded some highly unlikely donations: a horse-drawn buggy, a Civil War-era Gatling gun (an extremely rare early machine gun), and the governor's rowing machine.
And even then Jimmy Boyce or Howard Wells would probably have picked you off with a Gatling Gun.
Eddie also collaborated to adapt the CEM as a corrosion-resistant gas dynamic pump for a military laser, and in the process, proposed changes to the laser itself that have evolved into what is described as a Gatling gun, pulsed chemical device.
Don Mims, like many of his colleagues, was hawking a homemade invention - a wooden Gatling gun that fires 144 rubber bands in 15 seconds.
It bristles with an array of weaponry that includes a Gatling gun centred behind the driver and passenger seats, missiles that emerge from the front grill, hidden door-mounted rocket launchers and a rack of mortar bombs in the boot.