Gatling gun

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an early form of machine gun having several barrels that fire in sequence as they are rotated

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5in shells into the system of its Mk8 gun and two defensive Phalanx gatling guns were ready to fire at incoming missiles.
Then that incredible bombastic gatling gun drumming.
The difference: The Subie sounds like an RC airplane and the Camaro sounds like a gasoline-powered Gatling gun.
The system consists of the Raytheon Phalanx radar for targeting rockets and the 20-millimetre Vulcan Gatling gun to shoot them down, with each component costing $25 million (e1/419 million), Haaretz said.
The Phalanx CIWS is a 20mm, rapid-fire, Gatling gun utilized as a last defense against anti-ship cruise missiles.
Some of the museum's ghosts, Ogle believes, may be linked to the presence of an original Gatling gun -- the first "machine gun" -- used by the Union Army.
There had been earlier attempts to create a machine gun such as the Gatling gun, but the Maxim was the first efficient weapon of its class.
Eddie also collaborated to adapt the CEM as a corrosion-resistant gas dynamic pump for a military laser, and in the process, proposed changes to the laser itself that have evolved into what is described as a Gatling gun, pulsed chemical device.
Don Mims, like many of his colleagues, was hawking a homemade invention - a wooden Gatling gun that fires 144 rubber bands in 15 seconds.
A revolution in military affairs had been going on for centuries by the time England's Black Prince introduced the longbow at Crecy in 1346, a process which was hastened by the introduction of gunpowder and, centuries later, the Gatling gun.
It bristles with an array of weaponry that includes a Gatling gun centred behind the driver and passenger seats, missiles that emerge from the front grill, hidden door-mounted rocket launchers and a rack of mortar bombs in the boot.
The great late nine-teenth-century four-storey schools with their classrooms double banked along pitiless central corridors, Sherlock Holmes' 'lighthouses' of knowledge for the poor, still dominate the parts of the inner cityscape of London, Paris and Berlin: they are as much part of the struggle between the European powers as the dreadnought and the gatling gun.
Opt for nothing short of gatling gun, mini-gun or the ever-reliable rocket launcher that can save your day against devious crime partners.
In the category of patent innovation is a western cinematic favorite, the Gatling gun.