Gateway to the West

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the largest city in Missouri

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According to Turkish Press, Turkey's Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Mehdi Eker, said the Republic of Macedonia represents an important gateway to the west for Ankara.
The giant arch The Gateway to the West stands over the city of St Louis Missouri in the USA.
Conservative South Wales West AM Byron Davies said: "Swansea is the gateway to the west as well.
In his turn, Mikati reiterated that France has always been Lebanon's gateway to the West, and hoped that in turn it viewed Lebanon as the door to the Orient.
The first addresses the theme of changing boundaries and demonstrates how the city developed from a frontier outpost, to Queen of the West, to Gateway to the West.
We have long-term goals, and that is to make an impact not just locally but worldwide by promoting new stories and creating a gateway to the West for these stories," he says.
The company vice president of marketing, Joe Sprague, said, 'We're pleased to bring our award-winning customer service to the Gateway to the West.
Turkey is the East's gateway to the West and it is the West's guide to the East.
James, who used Linkedin to connect with civic and industry leaders throughout the region, quickly learned that the Gateway to the West, a growing hub for biotech research and headquarters to 19 major firms, would also be supportive of his entrepreneurial efforts.
Winnipeg has been the country's transportation crossroads dating back to the grain boom when it was Eastern Canada's Gateway to the West.
Louis appeared to have the early advantage, relying upon its strategic location near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to position itself as the gateway to the West.
Mr Pitchford said "Birmingham International is effectively the international gateway to the West Midlands region.
Completed in 1888, a mere five years after the Brooklyn Bridge, it was used as a gateway to the west for rail passengers from New England, World War II troops, and goods, although its importance for passenger transport began to diminish in 1917 with the completion of New York City's Hell's Gate Bridge.
This represents a huge opportunity for Rugby in terms of its role as the gateway to the West Midlands and builds upon a reputation of economic success.
The City of Angels, is the gateway to the west with its famous national parks.