Gateway to the West

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the largest city in Missouri

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Winnipeg has been the country's transportation crossroads dating back to the grain boom when it was Eastern Canada's Gateway to the West.
James, who used Linkedin to connect with civic and industry leaders throughout the region, quickly learned that the Gateway to the West, a growing hub for biotech research and headquarters to 19 major firms, would also be supportive of his entrepreneurial efforts.
Louis appeared to have the early advantage, relying upon its strategic location near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to position itself as the gateway to the West.
Mr Pitchford said "Birmingham International is effectively the international gateway to the West Midlands region.
This represents a huge opportunity for Rugby in terms of its role as the gateway to the West Midlands and builds upon a reputation of economic success.
The City of Angels, is the gateway to the west with its famous national parks.
It is the gateway to the West End and we will do all we can to ensure it brings opportunities and benefits right across this part of Newcastle.
SITUATED at the gateway to the west Austrian Alps, Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, is already famed for its internationally acclaimed Music Festival, which is staged in July and August each year.
In the 40s, most of the crucial shipping was sent out from Liverpool because it was not only the gateway to the west, but also the base of the Battle of the Atlantic control centre, Western Approaches.
In its early days, Kansas City was a small town of settlers and missionaries providing a gateway to the West.
The town and nearby Dubi are magnets for gangsters from Russia, Albania, Romania and China who see them as a gateway to the West and riches.
The oldest city west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Staunton was the gateway to the west during America's Manifest Destiny.
Despite its public profligacy, Cincinnati ranked among the nation's largest cities at the turn of the 19th century--a gateway to the West and a thriving commercial center sustained by the Ohio River and the Miami-Erie canal.
And the object of their fears is Shanghai, that other great Chinese city which is rising again on the banks of the Bund to claim its birthright as the middle kingdom's pre-eminent gateway to the West.
The AA reported snarl-ups on the M4 and M5 - the main gateway to the west country and south Wales.