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a worker who routes shipments for distribution and delivery

(computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks

a power tool with a shaped cutter

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NET, Marvell's gateway router is an effective solution for the high-volume SOHO and residential gateway market.
Cellular routers are an essential part of the end-to-end secure connectivity solution, and the ExaDigm GT Cellular Gateway routers provide attractive choices to our customers.
The combination of Sprint's network infrastructure, with the power and capability of the Exadigm GTMS management system and GT series of cellular gateway routers, offers a very robust remote connectivity capability for our customers in the financial, retail and business continuity segments," says David Graybeal, vice president of Sales and Marketing - ExaDigm.
The iGateway software platform is a fully integrated software suite targeted at ODMs and manufacturers of Residential Gateways, DSL/cable gateway routers, wireless access points and integrated access devices (IADs) offering a robust, all-in-one embedded security software solution.
After reviewing the drivers and protocol basics, the guide describes in detail the configuration of different network components in an IPv6 broadband solution and provides guidelines on debugging and troubleshooting gateway routers, edge routers, and provisioning servers.
In addition, gateway routers are configured for automated fail-over, ensuring that one gateway will take over and continue service if the Internet access via the other gateway becomes unavailable.
Designed for applications with low power requirements but high criticality, such as gateway routers, firewall or VPN concentrators in IP telephony applications, the GXT2-500 UPS offers four 5-15 R output receptacles and comes in a flexible 2U rackmount/ tower configuration.
US LEC's network of 26 digital switching centers consists of Lucent 5ESS(R) AnyMedia(TM) digital switches, Lucent CBX500 ATM data switches, Juniper M20(TM) Internet Gateway routers and an Alcatel MegaHub(R) 600ES.
When a company's device appears on the UNH-IOL CE Router Tested List, in the table that indicates the device performed all the test cases, the company should complete the Registration Form for Home Gateway Routers.
Patton Electronics -- the leader in VoIP, connectivity, and network access solutions -- and Patton-Inalp Networks AG -- creator of the SmartNode(TM) brand of industry-leading VoIP technology solutions -- announced that it has achieved RoHS compliance on its SmartNode(TM) 4630 Series of ISDN BRI VoIP gateway routers.
Configuring and troubleshooting IPv6 gateway routers and host
id=736) business-class service - - featuring Patton's SmartNode(TM) Model 2300 VoIP Gateway Routers (see http://www.
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