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someone who controls access to something

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Researchers, beginning with White (1950), applied the term gatekeeping and the theory (first proposed by Lewin, 1947) to the news industry, since its structure of reporters and editors clearly illustrated the filtering process through which information passed before it reached an audience.
his dispositions, traits, and inclinations), reasons associated with the child, traditional social norms, father's leisure pursuits, maternal gatekeeping, father's inadequate socialization, institutional gatekeeping (institutions, such as hospitals, keeping fathers from being more involved), divorce, father's biological unsuitability for caretaking, father's general level of busyness (not explicitly tied to work), father's time in personal care, and father's or child's illness preventing greater involvement.
In excusing the trial court's abdication of its gatekeeping responsibility to screen out this factually unfounded testimony.
vocabulary for describing the many flavors of agency gatekeeping and,
The SIMPLE Antibody(TM) platform is covered by broad patent claims, enjoys an independent, unencumbered patent position and is free of target gatekeeping restrictions.
The SIMPLE Antibody platform is covered by broad patent claims, enjoys an independent, unencumbered patent position and is free of target gatekeeping restrictions.
The success of these recitals has as much to do with the doggedness of my gatekeeping as with anything else.
Finally, the gatekeeping journalists were interviewed with regard to the empirical findings--whether they could have guessed at audience perceptions, for example.
Other key recommendations accepted are: the introduction of a new, stronger gatekeeping process for vocational qualifications to ensure that public funding is only approved for qualifications that have quality, rigour, relevance and value.
They uncovered this fundamental new level of control by measuring how long individual rhodopsin receptors remained active in response to flashes of light, and then determining how much calcium's gatekeeping function modified the rhodopsin signals.
In addition, policymakers should, as they put ICL in place, redouble their efforts to strengthen the government's gatekeeping system to prevent unscrupulous schools from getting access to federal student aid in the first place.
Literary quality is not always a benchmark for the seeming popularity of a book but it might be an interesting exercise for all who have responsibility for gatekeeping to ask if the books given to their young charges are appropriate or are they merely being made available as an easy option.
Indeed, the underlying agency problems are part of the reason why judges end up with the gatekeeping task.
The analysis further shows that circuits vary in their gatekeeping tendencies.
The chair of the north east Hertfordshire clinical commissioning group was reported as saying: "This is about GPs accepting a greater gatekeeping role.