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someone who controls access to something

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These cells, which have been discovered by Swedish researchers at Uppsala University together with Brazilian collaborators, act as gatekeepers and carry a receptor for nicotine that can explain our ability to remember and sort information.
Verizon Foundation recognized with 2012 Corporate Gatekeepers Award
This applies to gatekeepers who are often in tune with what their bosses are seeking, says Jill Konrath, sales consultant and author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies.
But there is even more at stake, Jamie learns, as in a dream world he meets the other Gatekeepers and prepares to do battle with them against the Old Ones.
Building on the Cisco CVoice course, this guide describes advanced deployment options for Cisco IOS-based voice gateways and gatekeepers for voice over IP (VoIP) networks.
In marketing terms, pharmacists are gatekeepers, pivotal influencers of customer buying decisions for OTC products.
The requirement of many managed care health plans that enrollees use gatekeepers has been considered essential for cost-containment, but there has been concern that gatekeepers unnecessarily restrict access to specialists, ration care, and strain the patient-provider relationship (Ferris et al.
The women are the ones who dare to share the glories of god and who, like Minnie Evans, become the gatekeepers of an entire people's precious heritage.
There are potential Gatekeepers in every community, says Raschko.
The most salient issues related to people with disabilities in the marriage of managed care and Medicaid are the role of gatekeepers, access to specialty services, inadequate benefits, and financial incentives to not serve or to under-serve individuals.
In addition, cost-cutting pressures tend to discourage the gatekeepers from ordering expensive services or referring to specialists outside the MCO network.
The research found an important relationship between the gender of party gatekeepers and who ultimately is nominated to run for office," it added.
LifeSize Gateway is available for either serial or PRI interfaces; is interoperable with standards-compliant gatekeepers, terminals and MCUs; and is scalable for centralized or distributed environments.
Gatekeepers provide centralized intelligence and essential call control and system management functionality for H.