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someone who controls access to something

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By doing so Russia aims to firmly entangle Turkey with Russian economic interests and convert Turkey to an alternative natural-gas gate-keeper for Europe.
Sterling was at the tip of a diamond which had Wilshere as the gate-keeper, allowing Jordan Henderson and Fabian Delph to add impetus.
During the day, the SAM acts as a gate-keeper on all new requests, taking the more managerial tasks for herself and sending instructional issues to the principal.
I always use to ask the gate-keeper of the prison whether I can go inside.
There is a bit of a gate-keeper aspect that probably troubles some men," he said.
I am the gate-keeper of making information easily available and responsive to my students' needs.
The remaining chip will be the flash controller chip which is the gate-keeper for all of the data written to the flash memory.
At Llanbadrig Point, a small disused cliff quarry, now colonised by heath and grassland, attracts butterflies including wall brown, grayling and gate-keeper.
The Hot Rumour In Beirut Now Is That Assad Has Sent To Obama's Gate-Keeper - Chief Of Staff- Designate Rahm Emanuel - That His Special Forces Massed On The Lebanese Borders Will Disarm Hizbullah And All The Other Groups In Lebanon, If The New US President Gives Him The Green Light To Move Into The Small Neighbour And Gets The UN Court In The Case Of Hariri & Other Murders To Spare His Regime
It's my role as gate-keeper tomake a decision if there's a pressing need.
The mass media becomes the gate-keeper, in many ways dictating what topics people learn about, think about, and talk about.
On one occasion when the hall was packed in Cape Town and Aggrey arrived, the white gate-keeper refused to let him in.
Results suggest that the so-called gate-keeper model that filters access to specialty care through a generalist may not be the best approach for high-risk obstetric patients.
After Woodrow Wilson's incapacitating stroke, for instance, Edith Wilson became the gate-keeper of all presidential decisions, giving rise to rumors that she was running a "petticoat government.