sluice valve

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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These extraordinary Fasani valves are the largest cast wedge gate valves ever produced by Pentair and represent a substantial engineering accomplishment for our team," comments Trevor Shanks, vice president of gate, globe, check and control valves at Pentair Valves & Controls.
The 40DH heated knife gate valve incorporates proven design features, such as:
Each hydraPAK unit stores onboard power for two (2) strokes of the gate valve.
The facility will include a manufacturing plant for coating oilfield gate valve components manufactured in India.
This acquisition facilitates the company's expansion into the valve repair business and immediately adds an expanding seal gate valve to the Daniel product line.
The Hemiwedge(R) Valve is a quarter-turn, segmented metal seated valve, engineered to provide substantial technological improvements compared with what is available in the marketplace today from traditional butterfly, ball and gate valve designs.
The Series G knife gate valve is said to incorporate a robust design and special feaures for drop-tight sealing, including a precision-buffed gate and two bosses welded to the valve seat, according to the manufacturer.
Tenders are invited for pvc ci knife edge gate valve
Advanced hot-runner systems include edge gate valve gate, abrasive systems and micro valve gates with pitches as small as 10 mm.
manufactures a unique line of ported, rubber-lined knife gate valves and represents an opportunity to complement DeZurik's standard knife gate valve business.
Limited tenders are invited for Gm gate valve screwed intrnal g.
Miscellaneous site piping, valves and valve vaults o 54-inch gate valve, valve vault and piping connecting to exsting 54-inch TM o 42-inch gate valve, valve vault and piping connecting to exsting 42-inch TM o 54-inch/60-inch/72-inch suction piping including on 54-inch isolation gate valve and three 72-inch isolation butterfly valves.