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someone who controls access to something

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Saurav reached the college around 12 noon and entered the premises after telling the gate keeper that he had some important work with the principal.
As result of fire Murtaza and gate keeper were died on the spot while Dr.
Soon after, Cox lobbed the Squires Gate keeper to double the lead, before scoring the Reds' third off the post on 65 minutes.
APPOINTED gate keeper to the Director General, Simon is an important figure at the corporation and underneath his apparent informality and almost relentless bonhomie he is probably one of the BBC's most strategic Directors.
The linchpin, as always, remains Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the gate keeper for every key decision.
At the Gate the driver using a stick flicked the coin towards the gate keeper.
You need women more than you need men because most great men have a woman gate keeper and if you can't deal with their woman you will never be able to see the man.
John Lynch, Mayor Ted Gatsas and literally thousands of others fondly remembered Gene Savage as the gate keeper who allowed them entrance to their college career.
Al-Ansi is accused of killing the gate keeper of Exceed Language Institute last Saturday after a heated argument.
However, the team discovered that binding to PI(3)P lipid which occurs first is the gate keeper to control export and that export can occur without Plasmepsin V action.
The National Cereals and Produce Board of Kenya (NCPB), supposedly the gate keeper of Kenya's food grain systems had to wait to be taken to court before they could decide what to do with grain which clearly was now poison to Kenyans.
But how did a young man who gave a comedy turn as the gate keeper in the Wizard of Oz turn into a brutal suicide bomber?
The Gate Keeper - business leaders who made it to the top from the shop floor and were often wary of change.
The 13SR GATE KEEPER is an extension of Kobelco's SR Series of short radius compact hydraulic excavators.