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Gastropods don't respect fences and can easily crawl from a deer grazing area to a goat grazing area.
In previous studies made in the Northeast Algeria, 13 species of terrestrial gastropods were observed in El Kala [1], and also in El Hadjar, Sidi Kassi and El Kala [6], while, in the in the region of Tlemcen located in the northwestern part of Algeria and characterized by a arid climate 8 species [4], and 12 species [3] were reported respectively in 2005 and 2008.
2] cardboard sampling squares (50 x 50 cm) placed on ground vegetation to collect gastropods (Lankester and Peterson 1996, Hawkins et al.
The cadmium concentrations in bivalves, crustaceans, and gastropods in the rainy season are significantly higher (Table 2) than in the dry season.
We collected gastropods by hand using visual searches in the West Fork of the White River in Delaware County, Indiana, USA.
Fine-scale habitat associations of soft-sediment gastropods at Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi.
In many gastropods the anus, gills and mantle cavity are rotated 180 degrees.
The book is organized by taxonomy, divided between gastropods and bivalves, and each species is illustrated with one or more color photos, all taken especially for the book by the author using shells from her own collection.
Quitting Time (L6771a-I), a Montana locality, is of particular interest because of the large number of sphaeriids that coexisted with gastropods and other taxa, gastropods being the primary microrecord at the other seven localities under study.
There's enough for parents to groove on as well -- Aardman's character-based comedy, for one, as well as occasional appearances by a band of singing slugs (actual gastropods, like SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary) who manage to take songs we thought we never wanted to hear again (``Don't Worry, Be Happy,'' for starters) and turn them into sly fun.
Part one is filled with information about the soil-food web from bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa to earthworms, gastropods, and mammals; part two describes in detail how to apply the soil-food web effectively in one's gardening, with the note that no one ever had to fertilize an old-growth forest.
The three major groups of mollusks are gastropods (such as snails), bivalves (such as clams), and cephalopods (such as squids).
Peter Mordan's pastiche of Gilbert and Sullivan in the Bulletin of the Macalogical Society of London says it all: "He quotes in elegiacs on the food of mitrid gastropods / Distinguishing the sipunc hooks from the undetermined clods".