Gastrophryne olivacea

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small secretive toad with smooth tough skin of central and western North America

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Of the 11 anurans known to occur in Nebraska, Gastrophryne olivacea and Bufo americanus have extremely limited ranges, whereas most other species have nearly statewide distributions (Lynch 1985).
Gastrophryne olivacea is known from only two counties in south central Nebraska (Lynch, J.
Species codes are as follows: Hyla chrysoscelis (196), Acris crepitans (191), Pseudacris triseriata (214), Bufo americanus (172), Bufo woodhousii (188), Bufo cognatus (175), Rana blairi 224), Rana catesbeiana (228), Rana pipiens (239), Spea bombifrons (142), Gastrophryne olivacea (218).
Tadpoles of Bufo woodhousei, Bufo valliceps, and Gastrophryne olivacea were collected from a small ephemeral pond located in McLennan County, Texas on 20 May 1991.
Bufo valliceps and Gastrophryne olivacea did not differ significantly in wet mass (both averaged 0.
Large numbers of Gastrophryne olivacea and Bufo woodhousei larvae died early in the experiment (100% mortality at 4 and 12 hours, respectively), whereas mortality of Bufo valliceps larvae began later and occurred over a broader range of time (4 hours to 60 hours).
The overall regression in Gastrophryne olivacea was not significant.
6 Gastrophryne olivacea (Great Plains narrowmouth toad) 2.