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abnormal twisting of the intestines (usually in the area of the ileum or sigmoid colon) resulting in intestinal obstruction

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Abdominal computed tomography (CT) has been underutilised in the diagnosis of gastric volvulus in previously reported series.
In contrast, chronic gastric volvulus is characterized by considerably milder, nonspecific symptoms.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) of the chest and abdomen confirmed the presence of pneumoperitoneum and also showed significant elevation of the left hemidiaphragm along with the displacement of the stomach, colon and omentum in to the left thoracic cavity, raising suspicion of eventration of the left hemidiaphragm and gastric volvulus (Figs 2 and 3).
Gastric volvulus - a torsional twisting of the stomach - is an underrecognized complication of hiatal hernia.
Gastric dilatation, gastric dilatation-volvulus, and chronic gastric volvulus.
Our patient mandated an open approach with the aim to reduce strangulation of gastric volvulus and resection of necrotic organ.
While in Dewsbury District Hospital Mrs Oldroyd developed an extremely rare condition, gastric volvulus, a twisting of the stomach.
shock), gastric volvulus, gastric-outlet obstruction, pancreatitis, cancer, acute fatty liver of pregnancy, overwhelming infection, severe hypothermia, severe emesis, herpes infection, nasogastric-tube trauma, and hyperglycemia (particularly in diabetic ketoacidosis).
6] The infants presented in later life had recurrent mild respiratory illnesses, chronic pulmonary disease, pneumonia, effusion, empyema, and gastric Volvulus.
Acute gastric volvulus is an uncommon but easily recognised surgical emergency with highly specific clinical symptoms.
There are 2 major types of gastric volvulus, organoaxial and mesenteroaxial.
The prognosis in these patients is more often determined by complications like strangulation of herniated bowel, gastric volvulus, mid gut volvulus, hypoplasia of left ventricle in left sided hernia and mediastinal shift with respiratory embarrassment.
Clinical suspicion of acute gastric volvulus is based on Borchart's triad: (i) severe, sudden epigastric pain; (ii) intractable retching without vomit production; and (iii) inability to pass a nasogastric tube into the stomach.
INTRODUCTION: Gastric volvulus as a clinical entity is less common in occurrence.