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abnormal twisting of the intestines (usually in the area of the ileum or sigmoid colon) resulting in intestinal obstruction

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NEW ORLEANS - Think chronic gastric volvulus when a patient with a history of hiatal hernia presents with nonspecific symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing food and uncomfortable fullness after eating.
Gastric volvulus - a torsional twisting of the stomach - is an underrecognized complication of hiatal hernia.
Our patient mandated an open approach with the aim to reduce strangulation of gastric volvulus and resection of necrotic organ.
Gastric volvulus in children: The twists and turns of an unusual entity.
1) CT findings of a stomach that has an unusually high position, an abnormal axis, or an abnormal GO junction and pylorus relationship, should raise suspicion of gastric volvulus (Figs 1 and 5).
The differential cardiac air fluid level: A sign of intrathoracic gastric volvulus.
First described by Berti (1) in 1866, a gastric volvulus is a rare condition that is caused by a rotation of the stomach >180[degrees] along a transverse or longitudinal axis.
Acute gastric volvulus is an uncommon but easily recognised surgical emergency with highly specific clinical symptoms.
Chronic intermittent gastric volvulus within the foramen of Morgagni.
Regarding gastric volvulus, choose one false answer: