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digestive secretions of the stomach glands consisting chiefly of hydrochloric acid and mucin and the enzymes pepsin and rennin and lipase

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The magnetic bond expands to allow foods and liquids to pass through, and then closes after swallowing, preventing gastric juices from refluxing back into the esophagus.
The duty of an appetizer is to arouse the gastric juices and keep them flowing as dinner makes its way to the table.
The MicroMatrix is designed to provide protection to the loaded ingredient as it passes through the stomach's gastric juices, and then releases its contents when the particles reach the intestine.
Among the many positive effects of coffee consumption are the quicker decoding of information by the brain, elimination of fatigue due to digestion, stimulation of gastric juices, and a wakening effect at any time, whether in the morning, after long hours of activity, or when working at night.
Christmas and New Year are opportunities, if you need them, to give you gastric juices a treat.
Cigarette smoke stimulates overproduction of the stomach's gastric juices, which can lead to ulcers.
The lining inside your stomach produces hydrochloric acid and other digestive chemicals called gastric enzymes or gastric juices.
Although Spallanzani noted some properties of the gastric juices (that it could dissolve food in vitro, was accelerated by heat, and that it retarded, even prevented putrefaction), he was unable to state clearly what was involved.
When the tablet is chewed, cracks form around the ethylcellulose polymers, then gastric juices inside the body combine with the polyethylene oxide to form the glue-like substance to seal the cracks.
The acidic gastric juices cause severe chemical burn of delicate lung tissues, producing pneumonia--which one can prevent by keeping the stomach completely empty before anesthesia.
Gastric juices in your stomach break food down to get at the nutrients.
pylori hides under the thick layer of mucus that protect the stomach lining against gastric juices.
The music perfectly mimics the primitive synthesisers then in vogue, producing a sawtooth buzz like a cat chewing a bee, and a "slew" effect that resembles the explosion of gastric juices from a patient on a mortuary slab on a hot summer's day, shortly after the air conditioning has failed.
It tastes slightly bitter but when something is bitter it causes the release of gastric juices which aid the digestion," says Dee.
But she became ill and had to go back for a second operation when it was discovered that her stomach lining was torn, releasing gastric juices into her system and causing peritonitis, which eventually killed her on July 5 this year.