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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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Compared to the pyloric region, the gastric corpus presents simple tubular gastric glands (gg) and a tunica muscularis composed of smooth muscle arranged in inner oblique (om) and outer circular layers (cm) (Papanicolaou stain; x100, x200, respectively).
pylori colonizes the gastric gland base and directly interacts with the progenitor and stem cell compartments, giving rise to glandular hyperplasia with the expansion of Lgr5D gastric stem cells in the antral glands in a CagA-dependent manner.
Herbal formula of these supplements supports functions of gastric glands which produce pepsin and support enzyme activities that help in digestion.
1: Normal and compact arrangement of columnar epithelial cells (CEC) with distinct nucleus under light microscopy and presence of rounded gastric glands (G) separated by lamina propria (LP) (C x 1000), 1.
Spirochetes in the gastric glands of macacus rhesus and of man without related diseases.
In a prior study,` MPM imaging of fresh, unfixed gastric mucosal biopsies revealed that gastric glands were not actually packed together as closely as they appear in formalin-fixed, H&E-stained specimens.
On the other hand, Figure 2 showed histopathological study of six groups that indicated the following: (a) normal control, (b) nontreated control "cotton pellet induced granuloma" that showed moderate degeneration of gastric glands, (c) treated group with indomethacin (10 mg/kg) that caused the wide spread necrosis of gastric glands, (d) treated group with C.
Colonization of the mucosa by the bacterium leads to chronic inflammation and loss of gastric glands responsible for the production of acid, leading to an atrophic gastritis.
Pathology showed crypt dropout of the gastric glands, consistent with mild GVHD.
Gastric glands have not been observed in this specimen.
In the microscopic evaluation, cellular infiltration, dilatation of the gastric glands, ulcers, edema, hemorrhage and an increase in the number of mastocytes and eosinophils [4, 5, 11, 14, 17, 54, 89] are observed.
muris is a parasite first identified in the gastric glands of mice (2).