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digestive secretions of the stomach glands consisting chiefly of hydrochloric acid and mucin and the enzymes pepsin and rennin and lipase

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The flow rate of gastric fluid in and out of the incubation vessel was set to mimic the conditions predicted by the model equation which was generated from direct observations within pigs for each level of intake during the in vivo study.
TOKYO - Empress Michiko has been diagnosed as suffering from gastroesophageal regurgitation, a condition in which gastric fluid flows backward into the esophagus, the Imperial Household Agency said Monday.
2]-receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and antacids have been made to eliminate the risk of pulmonary aspiration by decreasing acidity and volume of gastric fluid (24).
Normal gastric fluid drained via the nasogastric tube and a small amount of blood was present on rectal examination.
The stability of a protein to digestion, as predicted by an in vitro simulated gastric fluid assay, currently is used as one element in the risk assessment process.
The relatively few studies that have investigated potential mechanisms for non-acid GER-induced pathologies suggest a possible vagus nerve-mediated effect involving esophageal distension (a reflex response), a micro-aspiration effect (a reflux response), and possibly a role for a component(s) of the non-acid gastric fluid (a potential reflex and reflux response) (Rosen and Nurko 2004; Blondeau and others 2004).
These methods include air insufflations and auscultation over the epigastric area, aspiration of gastric fluid with assessment of the visual and chemical characteristics of the aspirate, and the ability of the patient to phonate (5-9).
Researchers also examined the resistance of surviving pathogen cells to simulated gastric fluid during product storage.
Enteric protection is required to prevent gastric irritation caused by drugs like aspirin or to protect the degradation of a drug in gastric fluid eg penicillin or to delay release for local delivery in the intestine.
The AFB smears of gastric fluid and urine were positive.
Three stool, three gastric fluid, and seven serum samples from the eight patients and seven samples of whale muktuk were tested for botulinum toxin.
Our preliminary experiments have shown that the beads remain intact within a solution of simulated gastric fluid for up to two hours, after this time the beads are transferred to simulated intestinal fluid where they are seen to fully dissolve over a two-hour period.
His experiment in 1752 demonstrated the dissolving action of gastric fluid on the regurgitated foods.
The reason is that any oral dosage form first reaches the stomach and it stays there in gastric fluid of pH 1.
hipotoniczny irrigation fluid, gastric fluid, physiological fluid wieloelektrolitowy a composition similar to the composition of the plasma, mannitol solution for infusion into a peripheral vein - 6 items in Part;