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Synonyms for gastroenteritis

inflammation of the stomach and intestines

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I had gastric flu, and it really affected me," said Michael.
She said her daughter had meningitis symptoms - except the rash - but she was told that she was suffering from gastric flu and should be treated with Calpol.
Dowie made two changes to his starting line-up and Marcus Hall made his first appearance since November following an Achilles injury to replace Danny Fox, who had gastric flu, and Robbie Simpson was favoured up front instead of Michael Mifsud.
At first everybody was joking and blaming it on the food but as more and more people came down with what appeared to be some form of gastric flu, it was no laughing matter.
Di Canio missed the Maine Road visit after being struck down by a bout of gastric flu.
MORE than 100 schoolchildren on skiing trips were flown back to the UK yesterday after a virulent gastric flu bug swept through their French hotel.
Vicki's father Thomas said he and his daughter were in the consultation room with Dr A for just three or four minutes After being diagnosed with gastric flu and prescribed motilium, Vicki was taken back to her parents house.
It is sometimes referred to as stomach flu or gastric flu - although it is unrelated to actual flu - and causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, affecting both the stomach and the large intestine (bowel).
It was particularly impressive when you consider the sketch's main lady, Charlie Hardwick, had been forced to pull out at the 11th hour due to gastric flu.
Weather Three mainly sunny days in Derby before heavy showers on Sunday Northants v Surrey Northants have problems behind the stumps as Niall O'Brien is on World Twenty20 duty with Ireland and deputy Riki Wessels has suspected gastric flu.
Four days later all the children at the school were released after an outbreak of gastric flu.
Just as I'm not expecting the emphasis to be put on those flu and gastric flu bugs which have been doing the rounds over the last few weeks - not when headlines can instead hammer home the alleged cost to the economy of Monday's mass sickie (pounds 250m?
The Norwalk virus causes vomiting, gastric flu, sickness, diarrhoea and fever and lasts from 24 to 48 hours.
Clarke is having to be nursed through games because of a hernia problem which will require a summer operation and he had to miss Monday's match while top scorer Wilding has been absent for the Easter games after suffering gastric flu.
The Paradise Project worker was in his cab when he became violently ill with gastric flu, which has swept across Merseyside over the last week, and radioed his manager for help before fainting.