gastric acid

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digestive secretions of the stomach glands consisting chiefly of hydrochloric acid and mucin and the enzymes pepsin and rennin and lipase

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The inhibition of gastric acid production as well as reinforcement of gastric mucosal protection is the major approaches in clinical treatment for the treatment of gastric ulcers.
It has been speculated that inhibition of gastric acid secretion may lead to reduction in iron and vitamin B12 absorption (7).
A large 2009 Swedish cohort study evaluated the association between gastric acid suppressors during gestation and a diagnosis in the offspring of allergic disease or a prescription for asthma or allergy medications.
The negative health impacts of coffee are also reviewed in chapters on prenatal coffee consumption, the occurrence of acrylamide and furan in coffee, the impact of coffee on gastric acid secretion, and mental risks such as tolerance and physical dependence, anxiety, sleep problems, and psychosis.
Most supplements containing calcium carbonate require gastric acid to properly dissolve (ionize) it to be readily absorbed through the intestinal wall into circulation.
This recent study examined the role curcumin played on gastric acid secretion in murine models, in addition to its effects on acute gastric lesions.
Gastric acid suppression by proton pump inhibitors as a risk factor for clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea in hospitalized patients American Journal of Gastroenterology, 103(9), 2308-2313.
Agents that are currently available for the treatment of gastric ulcers act by either reducing gastric acid secretion (H2 blockers, proton pump inhibitors, anti muscarinic agents), acting as physical barriers (sucralfate, colloidal bismuth subcitrate), or increasing the mucous and bicarbonate secretion (prostaglandin analogues, carbenoxolone).
Refractory oesophagitis (non-healing of erosions) is rare since the advent of potent gastric acid inhibition with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).
He said that the acids readily damage teeth and the gastric acid or acidic drinks (fruit juices or carbonated drinks) can erode teeth.
When the researchers of this study gave it to a group of mice with ulcers, it inhibited gastric acid secretions--like hydrochloric acid--which irritate ulcerous tissues.
We believe formulations of this particular innovation may potentially offer greater effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes by minimizing impacts from gastric acid, and reduced side-effects by minimizing peak plasma concentrations.
Examples are crushing of enteric-coated tablets that protect the active ingredient against degradation by gastric acid, which would reduce bioavailability; and reduction of serum concentrations of phenytoin by 72% when it is administered with enteral feeds.
The empress is taking medicine to reduce gastric acid and her condition is improving, the agency said, adding that it intends to consider alleviating the empress's burden on such occasions as court ceremonies.