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(New Testament) one of the three sages from the east who came bearing gifts for the infant Jesus


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Jan Mr Gaspar said the killings likely have something to do with Mr Kuciak's "investigative activities".
In coordination with PGR, Gaspar Barragan is wanted for Aggravated Rape on an active warrant issued by the Assistant of the Attorney General of Mexico, in the State of Guerrero.
Gaspar has been in Iran five years now and loves it--though he has sometimes had second thoughts.
In our view, Brazil would benefit from having a strong medium-term credible framework that would provide a fiscal anchor that could be a reference to the set of policies that we see working together: monetary, fiscal and structural," Gaspar said.
Cinco Estudios sobre Gaspar de Villagra es el tercer volumen que dedica a este poeta soldado del Siglo de Oro.
Long before the wonder strike from Mario Gaspar and a late goal by Santi Cazorla, Vicente Del Bosque's three-time European Champions had England chasing shadows with sustained spells of possession.
com)-- Independent toy creators George and Ayleen Gaspar have launched a crowdfunding campaign to resurrect one of the most popular Skeleton Warriors characters, Grimskull, in action figure form.
A JUNE PROPOSAL from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to push back the start date for new mortgage disclosure forms pleasantly surprised Don Gaspar.
Gaspar del Bufalo, we offer houses of hospitality as a safe and sacred place for individuals and groups for day-long meetings, over-night stays, or longer-term sabbaticals.
The centre will seek to promote a better understanding of paediatric conditions and the development of new innovative therapies to treat and diagnose them," Professor Bobby Gaspar, director-designate for the upcoming centre and paediatric consultant immunologist at Gosh, told Gulf News.
Concretamente, el estudio se fundamenta en el analisis de la probanza de meritos y servicios de los vecinos del pueblo de Xicalango (1552), del cacique chontal don Pablo Paxbolon (1575-1576), de las dos probanzas de los indios mexicanos de los barrios de San Cristobal y Santiago, extramuros de la ciudad de Merida (1576 y 1578) y, finalmente, de las cinco probanzas de Gaspar Antonio Chi (1579, 1580, 1581, 1592, 1594).
aThe group is chaired by Portugal's former Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar, and has six other members: Pierre Collin (French Council of State), Michael Devereux (OxfordaUniversity Centre for Business Taxation), Jim Hagemann Snabe (co-CEO of SAP AG), Tea Varrak (Innovation and Business Centre Mektory, Estonia), Mary Walsh (consultant, Ireland) and Bjorn Westberg (Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden).
Y en las dos novelas a las que ahora me refiero, ambos espectros aparecen de manera cronologicamente fragmentaria a partir de la infancia-adolescencia del personaje, mediante cartas y trazos del diario de su protagonista, Gaspar Ruiz.
Portas said he disagreed with the choice of the successor of finance minister Victor Gaspar, who resigned Monday, saying he had failed to meet budget deficit targets and citing widespread opposition to his policies.
CORVALLIS - Oregon State senior gymnast Hailey Gaspar was one of the Pac-12's weekly honorees, earning the newcomer of the week award for her performance against then-No.