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a petroleum product used for fuel


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This measure would prevent distribution companies and gas station owners from profiteering from hoarding VAT-free gasoil.
Diesel 10ppm CIF NWE (Le Havre) Cargoes vs Low Sulphur Gasoil 1st Line Balmo Swap (VLE-VMI)(4)
Gasoil exports, started in 1998 with Bandar Abbas having ended the need for imports, average about 30,000 b/d.
Gasoil is a petroleum middle distillate that is also called diesel fuel, heating oil, furnace oil, stove oil, and other names in various parts of the world.
The savings from the refinancing, combined with increased activity at South Riding Point and recent gasoil contract at High Point indicate a promising outlook for the second half of 1997.
451 million liters of gasoil to Afghanistan," provincial director of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) Mohammad-Mehdi Qoraei told Shana.
Imports of the middle distillate into the country are expected to hit a record low this year due to new refineries' ability to meet demand, potentially curbing Asian gasoil margins as this removes a major outlet for barrels, traders said.
85 per barrel above Gulf region quotes for the gasoil cargoes, a $6 a barrel premium for the gasoline cargoes and a $14.
Somo has a July-December term contract with Vitol to buy nearly 500,000 tonnes of gasoil at a premium of $9.
This shortcoming is easily overcome by blending final product gasoil with small amounts of refinery gasoil.
Five companies in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka allegedly falsified reports to show they had sold fuel oil imported from South Korea, when it was actually gasoil that had been imported and sold, to evade light oil delivery taxes, police said.
for a multi-million-dollar advanced technology thermal gasoil unit (TGU).
In mid-September, as a result of feeding the power stations and industries with natural gas, Iran managed to divert its surplus gasoil which was consumed by the domestic industries to foreign markets for the first time and to become one of exporting countries of the product.
Saudi Aramco bought more than 1 million barrels of gasoil for July in the spot market despite new refining capacity, as hot summer weather boosts power demand for air-conditioning, industry sources said.