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seal consisting of a ring for packing pistons or sealing a pipe joint

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Dana said that Magnum Gaskets will enhance its sealing product offerings and complement the company's Victor Reinzand Glaser global sealing brands.
During the forecast period, automotive seals and gaskets market in the US is expected to witness moderate growth as automotive production and sales begin to saturate.
Compression packings and molded seals and packings will register some of the most rapid sales advances among sealing products, while demand for expanded graphite gaskets will grow the fastest among gasket products.
Still, it has one critical, limiting problem: its thickness is different from all other gaskets.
3505 GYLON[R] STRESS SAVER[R] gaskets are designed to seal lightweight metallic, plastic and fiberglass flanges that cannot provide the proper loads to compress conventional fiber or PTFE gaskets.
US demand for gaskets and seals is forecast to increase 4.
The first method uses two identical units whose doors have been removed and are connected by the gaskets, forming one cavity for each compartment.
Tomlinson's Modular Dispensing Systems offers rubber gaskets that gently dispense soft foam cups one-at-a-time.
But the real problem is not replacing damaged or missing gaskets on the Ps and Pt connectors.
Both environmentally and budget-friendly, MULTI-SWELL gaskets help reduce the expenses associated with vegetable fiber and cork gaskets.
Many factors affect the performance of the ubiquitous gaskets that provide critical seals between pipe segments and ensure satisfactory operation of a broad range of industrial equipment.
Graphite-encapsulated stainless steel gaskets manufactured by Sealing Corporation ("Selco"), North Hollywood, CA, are designed to slash the high cost of replacement, the manufacturer reports.
The gaskets are suitable for bi-directional applications including sub-rack assemblies, plug-in units, front panel handles, backplanes and enclosures.
Three EMI/RFI shielding, beryllium copper, alternate slot gaskets are offered.
It is designed to eliminate the risk of contamination from glue traditionally used to secure gaskets and thus ensure the safety and integrity of the products.