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English writer who is remembered for her biography of Charlotte Bronte (1810-1865)

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That is to say, Gaskell never acknowledged an influence outright, and, as a result, historians of the novel have never observed more than a vague family resemblance between her fictions and Austen's.
Gaskell had discovered the Sargeson model, freeing him from the O.
The proceedings begin with material on Elizabeth Gaskell, author of North and South and other novels.
8) Oddly, she remains silent on her debt to Gaskell while she freely acknowledges the influences of Elizabeth Barrett Browning on her work and of Rebecca Harding Davis on this novel in particular.
Gaskell, who died this month aged 76, would also have taken interest in the way betting exchanges were introducing the complexities, skills and judgements within bookmaking to a wider audience.
Under the new ownership, Cellar 5 will continue to be run from its existing head office in Warrington, said Gaskell, but its name would change.
Accompanying these pictures are the poems of Ronald Gaskell who draws inspiration from his surroundings around his home at Penwith on the north coast.
DR GASKELL said: "The main news since the Budget was the announcement of waiting times in Scotland.
Gaskell adds, "The economic slowdown together with the demise of the dot-corns has generated some great opportunities for publishers of value-added content.
What: British miniseries adapted from the Elizabeth Gaskell novel about romance and gossip in a 19th-century English town.
Though Gaskell accepts the role of artist as unseen creator and voyeur, our knowledge of her gender infuses our looking.
Professor Chapple has not written the first volume of a biography of Elizabeth Gaskell.
In Writing a Woman's Life Carolyn Heilbrun cites Elizabeth Gaskell as "the most salient of female biographers.
Cranford Novel by Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn , published serially in Charles Dickens' magazine Household Words from 1851 to 1853 and in book form in 1853.