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English writer who is remembered for her biography of Charlotte Bronte (1810-1865)

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Judge Gaskell told the defendant: "That is a source of considerable anxiety in relation to your unhealthy interest in children.
He claimed Gaskell was "a bully" who failed to invest in poorly maintained equipment, or take action when he complained about unsuitable risk assessments.
Gaskell has seen plenty of customers with an average operator tenure of close to 20 years, where the culture is such that it drives good behavior within a solid safety program.
Recurrent Energy reported on Tuesday the completion of the acquisition of its 20 MWac/28 MWp Gaskell West 1 Solar Facility, located in southern California in Kern County.
The ground breaking clinical trial is heating up and it's time for Gaskell to live up to his reputation.
In the case of the underwater sinkhole in the Great Barrier Reef that Gaskell found, the corals in there were "totally unaffected by the cyclone," he wrote on Instagram.
Gaskell, who lost his bearings while trekking alone, told ABC's Australia radio that he had survived on a "few wild ferns" and "plenty of water".
Because Gaskell was a platoon leader of United States Colored Troops in Louisiana, the letters also give insight on the roles of African Americans in the Civil War.
Lee Gaskell rose above the Whitby defence and beat Bland with a looping header.
A Connecticut Yankee at War: The Life and Letters of George Lee Gaskell gathers the war correspondence of George Lee Gaskell, a white commissioned lieutenant who served in the United States Colored Troops during the American Civil War.
Chris Gaskell, retail agency partner at Johnson Fellows, said it was an exciting new instruction for the company.
Stricken with the flu and acutely disappointed by the negative reviews and controversies swirling around Ruth, Elizabeth Gaskell in 1852 wrote wistfully to a friend of a fanciful "long sail along the Mediterranean, slowly and lazily floating" away from "this England full of literal and metaphorical nipping east wind" (Letters 224).
Elizabeth Gaskell owes much of her current popularity to television adaptations of her Victorian novels.
Natasha Gaskell, 29, was given a suspended prison sentence in March by magistrates in Devon.