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English writer who is remembered for her biography of Charlotte Bronte (1810-1865)

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Under the new ownership, Cellar 5 will continue to be run from its existing head office in Warrington, said Gaskell, but its name would change.
Colin Miles, Ladbrokes' trading director, says Gaskell was a big influence on him.
Lives of Victorian literary figures III; Elizabeth Gaskell, the Carlyles and John Ruskin by their contemporaries; 3v.
Anyone who has ever struggled to reconstruct their family history will envy the wealth of material to which Josceline Dimbleby had access while writing this biography of her great grandmother May Gaskell, Edward Burne-Jones's last great love, and her great aunt, Amy Gaskell, the subject of one of his most haunting portraits.
DR GASKELL said: "The main news since the Budget was the announcement of waiting times in Scotland.
Gaskell adds, "The economic slowdown together with the demise of the dot-corns has generated some great opportunities for publishers of value-added content.
What: British miniseries adapted from the Elizabeth Gaskell novel about romance and gossip in a 19th-century English town.
Though Gaskell accepts the role of artist as unseen creator and voyeur, our knowledge of her gender infuses our looking.
In Writing a Woman's Life Carolyn Heilbrun cites Elizabeth Gaskell as "the most salient of female biographers.
Following the COBRA proposed regulations, the First Circuit determined in Gaskell v.
SBEA executive director David Gaskell disagreed with O'Cleireacain's contention that they did not follow the state law in evaluating Class II that states co-ops must be valued as if they were rentals.
Now Martin Gaskell of Ohio State University in Columbus presents what seems to be the first direct evidence for gas falling into a black hole.
According to AdvanceMed President Edward Gaskell the agreement marks a significant move to advance application development in risk management and population health around selected disease focuses.
ALTHOUGH James Gaskell is only in his second season at Wasps, and with the club having signed ten new players over the summer, he is already an old hand.
John Gaskell, 64, from West Kirby, was overlooking the beach at the time.