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The flight to India was more difficult than that to Canada, so in July and August 1930 R101 had an extra gasbag and bay installed, increasing its length to 237m.
I don't chew or talk very well with my jaws all locked up and the Memsaab knows it, so in her inimitable sweet style, she inquired of our server-person if he could either (a) find us another, more secluded table, or (b) seat that charming pair of gasbags elsewhere--like out in the parking lot.
And one the MPs should tackle with enough venom to send shock waves through the boardrooms of these complacent, overpaid hot air gasbags.
The Sunday morning TV gasbags could exhale on nothing else, although each show's commentators usually included at most one person who had read what he was talking about.
Raven Industries: The main supplier of strong, lightweight, high-altitude balloons to NASA, Raven will supply the polyester-reinforced nylon gasbags designed to go into the pontoons and wings of the gravityplane.
A starving family sits before empty dishes, a porcine man carries a skeletal corpse, gasbags harangue the crowds, suave dancers two-step to string players and drunks sing a patriotic song to the wheezing of an accordion.
They steal moments when they can--on the last Frankfurt to Rio run, they exchanged an intense and acrobatic series of caresses 135 feet up inside the superstructure when Meinert was supposed to have been checking a seam on one of the gasbags for wear, their glue pots clacking and clocking together--but mostly their ardor is channeled so smoothly into underground streams that even their siblings, watching them work, would be satisfied with their rectitude.
But in a chamber increasingly filled with ambitious millionaires, prodigious fundraisers and professional gasbags, Jesse Helms was something different: a man who stood for something.
By the time it all ended, only our senses were dulled by the constant barrage on the debacle from the gasbags of the airways and news publications.
Now maybe the "conversation" will, indeed, be seen as nothing more than the Gasbags and Posturers Empowerment Act of 1997.
And would we really be any less well off if we reduced the gasbags by about a third and saved ourselves a few bob?
He probably guessed his entire house and grounds would have been thawed and warmed in no time by all those gasbags once they started blethering.
It seems to me President Obama has a few more pressing things to do right now than worry about the three-day silence of the gasbags on KPNW.
com, now a freshly minted reason columnist (see "Classical Gasbags," page 62), who wrote: "It was a wild ride, and now it's over.