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The award-winning new media maximizes gas-phase air filtration performance by providing energy savings, more efficient gas removal, full utilization of the 100 percent adsorbent media, and eliminates bypass.
Reaction Design is the exclusive developer and distributor of CHEMKIN, the de facto standard for modeling gas-phase and surface chemistry that provides engineers ultra-fast access to reliable answers that save time and money in the development process.
Gas-phase atmospheric chemistry of 1- and 2-nitronaphthalene and 1,4-naphthoquinone.
Granular gas-phase EPDM--continuous mixing becomes a reality," paper no.
Univation's technology development infrastructure includes 14 gas-phase and slurry process pilot plants, a 50,000 ton-per-year gas-phase commercial development reactor, a 20,000 ton-per-year slurry PE commercial development line, 17 full-scale UNIPOL production units and six full-scale slurry PE manufacturing lines.
Such grades cannot be made via the conventional EPDM manufacturing process, says the company; it is gas-phase metallocene production that makes it possible.
In contrast to the results obtained in the AHR reporter cell line, the activity of gas-phase extracts, judged by magnitude of induction, frequently exceeded that of particulate-phase extracts in the ER reporter cell line (see, e.
In the early 1960s the Purafil pellet revolutionized the gas-phase air filtration market.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on its recent analysis of the gas-phase air filtration market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Purafil, Inc.
Laser-based methods provide highly valuable insights for research on gas-phase phenomena, for example combustion, and have been developed and applied in research at Lund University since the 1980s.
A Solution Kinetics Database, jointly created by NIST and the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, has been made available on the Internet in a format similar to that utilized by the popular NIST Kinetics Database, which covers gas-phase reactions.
Assess heat transfer rates, temperature distribution, gas flow profile, particle residence time, and gas-phase composition.
Thermal gas-phase dechlorination uses temperatures at or above 850[degrees]C to encourage hydrogen reactions with organic chemicals such as dioxin--probably at a cost of $350 to $500 per ton.
Mass Spectrometry and Gas-Phase Chemistry of Non-Covalent Complexes provides a convincing look at how modern MS techniques offer supramolecular chemists a powerful investigatory toolset.
By that time, Union Carbide had been working for over two years to make LLDPE on a commercial scale via its proprietary Unipol gas-phase fluidized-bed process.