gas turbine

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turbine that converts the chemical energy of a liquid fuel into mechanical energy by internal combustion

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WASHINGTON -- With its strong dependence on gas-turbine engines for propulsion, the U.
The group argued for weeks about whether to go with the V-8 engine or the gas-turbine engine.
According to Royal Caribbean, Jewel of the Seas, one of four Royal Caribbean ships equipped with LM2500+ smokeless gas-turbine engines manufactured by General Electric Marine Engines, was recognized for its use of a "very refined, distillate fuel, which virtually eliminates airborne emissions compared to internal combustion engines.
This superalloy material is in the form of a single crystal, and as such is used as turbine blade material in high-performance commercial gas-turbine engines.
More powerful and durable diesel, aircraft, and gas-turbine engines may rev up soon, predicts Klod Kokini, professor of mechanical engineering, Purdue University, who is investigating using ceramics to protect engine parts from extreme heat.