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a service station that sells gasoline

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She was said to have invited sick children and their parents to her home for the holidays and once took in a homeless teen with her sick newborn after meeting them in a gas station restroom (Worland, September 20, 2003).
The two suspects, however, were arrested after they were seen - with blood on themselves - entering a gas station restroom.
Women are also more hesitant than men to use a gas station restroom (45% vs.
According to an ABC News reporter, officials in Brazil have announced they have seen a video that shows a "US swimmer" who was "breaking down" a gas station restroom door and "fighting" with a security guard.
Massey also adds, "We know that 91% of holiday travel is done in a personal vehicle, such as a car, so no wonder people are so disgusted with gas station restrooms - they are overused, over exposed, and likely under serviced.