Boyle's law

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the pressure of an ideal gas at constant temperature varies inversely with the volume

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Under the oil and gas laws of November 2001, Pertamina was set to be de-monopolised and privatised.
I recently read in the newspaper that we have a new gas law.
Atomic and molecular structure, bonding, carbon, the gas laws, the properties of liquids, and the rates of reactions are covered.
Typical gas velocities are around 1000 m/s and one can calculate from the kinetic theory of gases, assuming ideal gas laws to hold, that [10.
Supreme Court justices on Wednesday began weighing whether to force the federal EPA to regulate tailpipe emissions in a high-stakes case that could test California's new greenhouse gas laws and set the stage for congressional action on global warming.
Laboratory modules were written for gas laws, thermodynamics, and acid-base titration.
Rivier says the deviation may stem from subtle differences between the physical properties of an actual network of bubbles and the theoretical ideal -- just as real gases stray from ideal gas laws.
Comprised of 19 chapters, the book will address ideal gas laws, real gases, the thermodynamics of simple systems, thermochemistry, entropy and the second law, the Gibbs free energy, equilibrium, statistical approaches to thermodynamics, the phase rule, chemical kinetics, liquids and solids, solution chemistry, conductivity, electrochemical cells, atomic theory, wave mechanics of simple systems, molecular orbital theory, experimental determination of molecular structure, and photochemistry and the theory of chemical kinetics.
But President Susilo finally prevailed over such lobbyists and ordered the setting up of SKKMigas as a temporary regulator pending an amendment of the oil and gas laws.
The Energy Ministry then said it could award Pertamina special privileges for E&P rights, which it was allowed to do under oil and gas laws, should it propose the bids by itself, adding: "We will support Pertamina if it is the sole owner".