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a grenade designed to be thrown by hand

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Seabees scrambled for their mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) gear as gas grenades went off throughout their forward operating base.
OUT OF LINE: Israeli soldiers get ready to cast a tear gas grenade yesterday while arguing with a Palestinian woman; ATTACK: Israeli soldier fires tear gas at protest
INJURED Protesters help a wounded man during clashes with riot police in Tahrir Square CONFLICT A policeman throws a rock ANGER A tear gas grenade is thrown PREPARED Egyptian riot police
A youth kicks away a tear gas grenade, as youths fight with riot police in Marseilles Picture: CLAUDE PARIS
Later on Israeli border police fired one tear gas grenade for no reason at school children who had just finished school.
An autopsy was performed the following day and an expert examination conducted a few days later formally concluded that the death had been caused by a Type 12 tear gas grenade, used by the police, which had struck the deceased in the head.
Rezala was first arrested on November 13 - a month after Miss Peake's killing - by French customs officers and found in possession of cannabis, a knife and a tear gas grenade.
Palestinian medics treated five protesters, some of whom were suffering from tear gas inhalation, and others who had been "beaten by the police," while doctors at Maqassed hospital said they had seen four people, including one who was hit by a tear gas grenade.
Further along the road, primary school children were leaving their school for lunch break as the first tear gas grenade exploded behind me.
He was first stopped by French customs officers on November 13 and found in possession of cannabis, a knife and a tear gas grenade.
A Palestinian, Bassem Abu Rahmah was killed two years ago when a CSI 40 mm model 4431 powder barricade penetrating tear gas grenade made in Jamestown struck him in the chest.
Troops found 40 rifles, 48 handguns, 9,298 bullets, 70 ammunition clips and a gas grenade, authorities said.
The Nabi Saleh march was dedicated this Friday to commemorating the second anniversary of the death of Mustafa Attamimi, the 28-year-old young man who was killed with a tear gas grenade fired by an Israeli soldier in 2011.
Minor scuffles and shouting matches break out, and a sound grenade is thrown, followed by a tear gas grenade.