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an electric lamp in which the light comes from an electric discharge between two electrodes in a glass tube

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The electrons and ions in gas discharge must be created at exactly the same rate, as they are lost.
They combined their data with estimates of the volume of oil released to arrive at a figure that allows scientists to quantify, for the first time, the gas discharge in terms of equivalent barrels of oil.
In this work, international contributors overview current and future environmental, biological, and health-related applications of gas discharge plasmas.
Thinking to reduce the gas discharge, geologists set fire to the escaping gas, believing it would be consumed by the flames in a short time.
This gas discharge creates small "jet streams" which are directed down the gun tube toward the muzzle.
Tyco Electronics (Menlo Park, CA) announces the addition of new devices to its line of gas discharge tubes (GDTs).
Xenon headlamps use gas discharge technology that produces a light that is very close to that of daylight and greatly improves the driver's vision of the road ahead.
The explosive membrane safety valve is a standard type also, involving a calibrated coper membrane that covers an orifice with a diameter of 6 mm, just large enough to assure a safe gas discharge when an overpressure arises during propellant sample combustion.
They use a precision gas discharge lamp sealed in a quartz tube with a water lamp cooling system.
It is based on a gas discharge tube design packaged in two small-geometry form factors.
ST's TRISIL technology offers superior performance, including a long service life without ageing, tight voltage tolerance, fast response times and failsafe operation, compared to non-silicon alternatives, such as gas discharge tubes.
precise and repeatable gas flow measurement for high purity gas lines, pill coater air flow monitoring, CIP and SIP flow and temperature monitoring, condenser/evaporator flow control, scrubber gas discharge monitoring and more.
The relaxation time inside the plasma (with the laser turned off and the gas discharge turned on) was 330 s.