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Synonyms for cylinder

a solid bounded by a cylindrical surface and two parallel planes (the bases)

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a surface generated by rotating a parallel line around a fixed line

a cylindrical container for oxygen or compressed air

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The police also found tubes, which were used to fill the gas cylinders, and four measuring scales at the farm.
He added that gas cylinder installation requirements could be added in future to building permit criteria.
RAWALPINDI -- The business of decanting of gas cylinders and illegal sale of petroleum products is going-on in the Rawat area but the local administration has turned a deaf ear to the issue.
During the meeting, chaired by Major Matar Mohamed Al Muhairi, acting chief of Al Ain Traffic Section, attendees discussed safe transport standards of gas cylinders, as well as the illegal trade of cooking gas cylinders in private vehicles, which may cause tragic accidents.
We desperately need stricter regulations," Ahmed Al-Baraq, a member of the Gas Cylinders Sellers' Assembly said.
There were concerns about gas cylinders in the van.
Ahmad Shah Wazir, in charge of the burn unit at Isteqlal Hospital, told Pajhwok Afghan News nearly a hundred people injured in gas cylinder explosions were brought to the hospital last year.
The gas cylinder of a car exploded in the area due to the intense heat in the city.
Dad of five Timmy Donaghue, 35, from Arncliffe Road, Batley was killed when he was struck by an exploding gas cylinder outside Arthur Brook scrapyard in Ravensthorpe.
A West Midlands ambulance spokeswoman said: "On arrival at the scene crews found five people who had been injured following reports of a gas cylinder explosion.
A senior fireman today hit out at 'stupid' teenagers who could have killed themselves and firefighters by throwing a gas cylinder onto a bonfire.
CHAPTER TWO: Arson - Barot set out his belief that causing a fire around the gas cylinder would help to cause an explosion.
A Whitby man was rushed to hospital after suffering burns to his face and arms when a gas cylinder set alight.
Ventane offers quite a deal: A 10-kilogram gas cylinder, two-burner tabletop stove and installation go for around $22--affordable even for the poorest segment of society.