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a service station that sells gasoline

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Anishnawbek Police Service officers and volunteers from the Fort William First Nation began a snowmobile search of wooded land behind a busy gas bar on City Road.
Toronto Auto Wash (TAW) operates four auto wash and gas bar facilities that are strategically located throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Kareeb gave Bar Citrus a 20-1 boost while Whistler's 12-1 success was great news for a whole host of our tipsters - St Patricks Gents, Bulkington Sports FC, Oggy's Naps, Golden Eagle Snug and Lounge, Crick Ex-Service, Lord Raglan Pool, Royal Oak Bar, Parkstone Bingo, Foleshill Gas Bar and Bowls, Lawford Legion B, Shire Foods (John) and Cov City Dot Com.
We wanted to be an independent gas bar organization.
The property, which is surrounded mainly by residences, contains a gas bar with propane sales, an automotive garage, and an attached variety store.
The entrepreneurial-minded community of 700 is very active on the economic development front with a gas bar, restaurant, general store, art gallery, commercial office space and big plans to break into the energy industry.
After a quick sleep in Grimshaw, we headed east toward Cadotte Lake to meet Woodland Cree First Nation members, and drop in on Sue and Harry at the Simon Lake Gas Bar.
Rexall and Shopper's Drug Mart have both built new locations in town, and Canadian Tire is now upgrading its gas bar, while Scotia - bank has plans to build a new stand-alone bank complete with drive-thru window.
The establishment is open year round and consists of a licensed restaurant, convenience store, gas bar, marina, motel, meeting room and seasonal campground.
Police say a gas bar employee and a lone gunman were working in tandem at a heist at the Grand River Auto gas bar in Paris.
The resort also has a convenience store and gas bar for those items campers forget to bring along on their holidays.
Access to the premises is via an up and over door and the unit has gas bar heating and fluorescent lighting throughout.
Louise Dupuis and Pierre Pelletier, owners of Pelletier's Gas Bar and Native Art Gallery, won the partnership award.
Some of the ideas for that property include a gas bar, shopping centre, hotel and conference centre.