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any of the four outermost planets in the solar system

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The rocky cores of gas dwarfs formed early enough to accrete some gas, although they did not grow as large as gas giants like Jupiter.
Oil and gas giant Total E&P UK were third, transport giant FirstGroup held fourth position with another oil and gas company, John Wood Group, retaining their fifth placing.
Create a leaflet to help the local community learn the difference between the inner planets and the gas giants.
It's unclear whether the newfound planets were once gas giants that got whittled down to a solid core during such a migration.
The Web's Entertainment Center will hold live online chats with Gas Giants, Arturo Sandoval, Sonia Dada and Pink.
It will also be able to see ``superplanets,'' gas giants several times larger than Jupiter.
The largest of these is a partnership between the electricity and gas giants, RAO UES and Gazprom.
The two oil and gas giants are reportedly shifting their focus on exploration and production.
In our search, we could have found gas giants beyond orbital distances corresponding to Uranus and Neptune in our own Solar System, but we didn't find any," Liu said.
United yesterday sealed a six-figure shirt sponsorship deal with Scottish Gas giants Calor.
This long process created the inner planets in our solar system, including Earth, but can't explain gas giants such as Jupiter and the possible planet circling CoKu Tau 4.
A UNIQUE death blast charge against gas giants Transco was thrown out yesterday.
All extrasolar planets that have been discovered so far are gas giants.
Much like the gas giants in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, these large planets found in other solar systems don't have orbits that take them far from their parent star, giving researchers new clues about gas giant planet formation as well as exoplanet formation.
It suggests that our improved theoretical understanding of the formation and orbital evolution of gas giants is on the right track.