gas-cooled reactor

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a nuclear reactor using gas as a coolant

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Nuclear fuel for the Simplified Gas Cooled Reactor (SGR) will be supplied by companies in Italy, Japan, South Africa, France and China.
ONR is seeking to engage the services of an independent research team to advise on issues relating to the structural integrity of nuclear graphite used in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (AGR) power stations.
The contract positions it among a select group of key suppliers working with EDF Energy to extend the life of its UK Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (AGR) nuclear power stations.
The agreement would continue until the last of the seven Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor stations ceased power generation, said Doosan.
Gas Cooled Reactor & Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor
com)-- Market Research Hub has added a new report, titled 'Nuclear Waste Management Market By Waste Type (Low Level Waste, Intermediate Level Waste, High Level Waste) and By Nuclear Reactor Type (Boiling Water Reactors, Gas Cooled Reactors, Pressurized Water Reactors, Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors, and Others) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Trends, and Forecast 2016 - 2024,' to its offering.
Cumbria's Magnox reactors are 50 years old and advanced gas cooled reactors like Hartlepool are coming to the end of their lives.