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Azerbaijani chess master who became world champion in 1985 by defeating Anatoli Karpov (born in 1963)

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This is the moment for our reasoned faith in the immense power of nonviolence and the support we offer to the likes of Gary Kasparov, Alexei Navalny and tens of millions of like-minded people in Russia.
Rebecca Joshua Okwachi visited the Zain suite to hold discussions with Zain management and so did chess grandmaster and former world champion Gary Kasparov.
When chess champion Gary Kasparov defeated IBM's Deep Blue Supercomputer back in 1996, people around the globe shared in a warm feeling of vindication.
Which British chess player unsuccessfully challenged Gary Kasparov for the World Chess Championship in 1993?
What was the name of the computer which beat Gary Kasparov at chess in 1997?
After the event, Gary Kasparov presented me with a signed wooden chess board (makers' name Jaques).
Some of the content is idiosyncratic: Gary Kasparov on 'How to usurp Putin' or Richard Dawkins on 'The importance of doing useless things', but the consequent element of serendipity adds to the versatility and could provoke even more discussion.
World champions like Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov are discussed, as is the recent influx of women players.
Leader of the United Civil Front and former world chess champion, Gary Kasparov told the rally that corruption, lawlessness and impunity of the rulers in Russia were the most pressing political problems the country was facing.
A 1993 paper on computer game algorithms influenced the design of the algorithms used in the Deep Blue system that defeated Gary Kasparov.
Gary Kasparov, 47, is a Russian Chess Grandmaster and widely held to be the greatest chess player of all time.
Bakhramov was the linesman who allowed a dubious Geoff Hurst goal stand in the 1966 World Cup Final Wembley and is regarded as one Azerbaijan's most famous sporting heroes along with former chess champion Gary Kasparov.
Vet BBC documaker Vikram Jayanti, whose previous subjects have included Abraham Lincoln, Gary Kasparov and Britney Spears, here tackles legendary record producer and convicted killer Phil Spector, mixing and matching sound and image to intriguingly schizophrenic effect.
Gary Kasparov, a former world chess champion and Other Russia leader who had vowed to carry out Sunday's protest despite the authorities denying permission for it, said the group's co-leader was one of those held.
Of the legendary matches between global icon Gary Kasparov and "Deep Blue"--the most formidable chess computer ever, he shrugs, "the fact the Kasparov even won once, is unbelievable.