Garry oak

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small deciduous tree of western North America with crooked branches and pale grey bark

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Fortunately, a unique collaboration between the not-for-profit Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) and Parks Canada is giving the remaining slivers of habitat, which support at least 116 species at risk, some much-needed protection.
Together, the partners developed three landmark Garry oak recovery plans that address entire ecosystems rather than individual species.
With much of the surviving habitat on private land, Garry oak recovery depends on stewardship from local landowners.
As a team, they have also developed an award-winning Garry Oak Gardener's Handbook, organized community-wide invasive species pulls, and launched a program aimed at protecting habitat in land trusts.
The English Country Garden, Victorian Rose Garden, and Rotary Garden in front are open to the public; the property behind (The Terraces, Garry Oak Woodlands, and Cary Castle Mews) may be toured with Friends of Government House, $10.
A mix of wetlands, Garry oak glades, and two hectares of specialty demonstration gardens: a Native Plant Garden.
Emily is studying the relative influence of herbivory and exotic grass competition in Garry oak ecosystems.
At that time, I was documenting the loss of the ecosystem that I had grown up in--the Garry oak meadows.
Isolated subpopulations of checkerspots had been scattered through the region in Garry oak meadows.
Vancouver developers had bought 2000 hectares of our island and were logging the forest and proposing developments on what was the largest intact Garry oak meadow left in the world.
This land makes up one-tenth of the island, and it is home to the largest remaining Garry Oak woodland in Canada as well as rare animals, insects and plants.
250/653-9463) or pick up a bottle of subtly spicy Pinot Noir at Garry Oaks (1880Tulford-Ganges Rd.
In their consideration of this project the architects have clearly seen both the beauty and the form of the natural setting - the crest of a rocky outcrop in a woodland of rare Garry oaks which are a native in this part of Vancouver Island - as both the ground and grounding of the project's 'found potential'.