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Synonyms for garrote

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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Standard radio tracking methods were used, namely eye reflection, direct observation, and radio signals (White & Garrot 1990, Marby & Stamps 2008).
Tracking consisted of using a homing technique (White and Garrot, 1990) with portable receivers (Advanced Telemetry Systems, Isanti, MN, USA) to approach and visually locate each turtle.
Bajo la coordinacion de Juan Carlos Garrot, Jean-Louis Guerena y Monica Zapata, estas Figures de la censure dans les mondes hispanique et hispano-americain se interesan ahora por un tema conocido por todos, pero estudiado por pocos: las teorias y practicas de la censura.
El desplazamiento total de este individuo presento un patron apreciablemente mas lineal que el de los otros individuos, lo que constituye una condicion bajo la cual el metodo de la media armonica utilizado para calcular el area de vivienda tiende a sobrestimar los valores obtenidos (White y Garrot, 1990).
1998; Meininghaus and Prins, 2000) and quantitatively predicted using thermodynamics models (Valenzuela and Myers, 1989; Garrot et al.
nigra 18 Long-tailed duck harelde kakawi Clangula hyemalis 62 Common goldeneye garrot a oeil d'or Bucephala clangula M Common merganser grand harle Mergus merganser B?
Installer un garrot (ou un brassard de tensiometre insuffle de 80 a 90 mm Hg) a la racine du membre (sous la region axillaire), serrer suffisamment pour dilater les veines, veiller a ne pas occlure les vaisseaux sanguins.
So it's fine to garrot, strangle, shake, maim and mutilate - not even worth a ticking off
2]) was low ([less than]1 %), indicating little potential for classification error (White and Garrot 1986).
La pose du garrot : risque d'entraEner une gangrene et par consequent une amputation du membre blesse ou encore risque de [beaucoup moins que]crush syndrome[beaucoup plus grand que] lors de la levee brutale du garrot.
Radiotelemetry is a widely used technique that has been applied to many species of animals to acquire information such as use of habitats, movements, migrations, home ranges, and various other behaviors (White and Garrot, 1990).
According to the peculiarities of the studied species, several methods are used to collect locations of individually recognisable free-ranging animals over time, including radio-tracking (White & Garrot 1990), trapping grids (MacKenzie et al.
Conviene aclarar aqui que mientras Campbell y Casa tienden a simplificar la compleja cuestion de la adscripcion social de Belisario, Garrot nos ofrece, a partir de las apreciaciones sobre la estructura social de la Valencia del Seiscientos de Casey, una vision a mi parecer mas ajustada a la realidad.
Garrot and Mancino (1994) examined the water requirements of `Texturf-10', Tifgreen, and Midiron bermudagrass subjected to a deep and infrequent irrigation regime which returned the soil to field capacity only after visible wilt was observed during the afternoon hours.