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Synonyms for garrote

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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The time taken to travel between each telemetry location was at least 20 mins, which was chosen to minimize dependency and to obtain an adequate sample size (White and Garrot 1990, Powell 2000).
England didn't so much tie our second string in knots as garrot them.
1998; Meininghaus and Prins, 2000) and quantitatively predicted using thermodynamics models (Valenzuela and Myers, 1989; Garrot et al.
Installer un garrot (ou un brassard de tensiometre insuffle de 80 a 90 mm Hg) a la racine du membre (sous la region axillaire), serrer suffisamment pour dilater les veines, veiller a ne pas occlure les vaisseaux sanguins.
So it's fine to garrot, strangle, shake, maim and mutilate - not even worth a ticking off
La pose du garrot : risque d'entrainer une gangrene et par consequent une amputation du membre blesse ou encore risque de "crush syndrome" lors de la levee brutale du garrot.
Etude comparative de l'ecologie de nidification et d'e1evage des couvees de Garrot a oeil d'or (Bucephala clangula) et de Harle couronne (Lophodytes cucullatus) dans un habitat de riviere.