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a river that rises in the Pyrenees and flows northwest to the Bay of Biscay

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For renal cancer in Garona and Vandellos, the highest risks corresponded to the area closest to the installation, thus accounting for the statistical significance of the test for the exposed area in Vandellos and for the joint analysis of all four nuclear power plants (Table 3).
Nucleares del Norte (Nuclenor) owns and operates the Santa Maria de Garona plant in the northern province of Burgos.
The solar energy generated by the 658,000 sq m of reflector area will be fed directly into Eskom's Garona substation under a 20 year power purchase agreement.
The initial portfolio of assets was modified as Endesa decided to withdraw 243,7 MW nuclear capacity represented by 50% share in Nuclenor (233 MW through its 50% interest in Santa Maria de Garona plant and 10.
Its generation assets will be Electra de Viesgo's former hydroelectric plants; ENDESA's stakes in the nuclear plants of Garona (50%) and Trillo (1%); and the thermoelectric plants in Algeciras), Puentenuevo, Puertollano, Cercs, Escucha and Escatron.