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French architect (1825-1898)

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Companies that survive as the number of players shrinks on an expanding playing field will keep their eyes squarely on marketing products, and not on the location of manufacturing, according to Garnier.
In his early plays Garnier was a follower of the Senecan school.
These are very simple, low-energy manufacturing methods compared to what people usually use to make amorphous, silicon-based devices," Garnier says.
Garnier was vice president and general manager at Texas Instruments (TI), where he was in charge of the worldwide baseband business and worldwide wireless strategic programs.
Garnier had the lowest weighted average retail margins among the leading manufacturers in the mass (17%) and food (25%) channels.
25 January 2016 - UK-based investment bank Bryan, Garnier and Co has merged with German technology advisory boutique Cartagena Capital GmbH, the company said.
Mr Garnier was given a guided tour of the manufacturing facility on Spennells Industrial Estate by husband and wife team Bill and Jill Reid.
8220;With a fabulous Garnier Thiebaut tablecloth you can take any room to the next style level
28 September 2011 - Swiss biopharmaceutical company Actelion Ltd (VTX:ATLN) said yesterday that Jean-Pierre Garnier has been appointed as chairman of its board of directors.
HE is the DJ's DJ and the man described as putting the "sex into techno" , he has created some of the best loved tracks of the last decade and helped shape the sound of clubs like Manchester's Hacienda and Liverpool's Quadrant Park and now Laurent Garnier is embarking on yet another cutting edge project.
The company says it is poised to launch a slew of exciting Garnier items in July.
Garnier Nutritioniste has tapped Bridget Moynahan as its latest spokesmodel.
Shadow Justice Minister Edward Garnier said the ban on hunting with hounds, which came into force in February 2005, was "unfair" and "inept".
They believe she was involved in the 1988 killing of vice cop Lester Garnier, who was found slumped at the steering wheel of his car with bullet wounds to his head and side.
ONE of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms GlaxoSmithKline has announced a replacement for chief executive Jean-Paul Garnier.