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Synonyms for garner

to collect (something) bit by bit

to collect ripe crops

to bring together so as to increase in mass or number

Synonyms for garner

a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed

acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions


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store grain

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Murphy & Garner has been providing high quality and principled legal representation for over 32 years.
A grand jury declined to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo, who placed Garner in the chokehold, a maneuver banned by New York City police.
Garner, who worked at Sandwell Park Hospital, Hartlepool, left the trust in October 2013.
I hope he had on a wide lens,"' revealed Garner to Ellen as the audience was in splits, says the (http://www.
In a 2004 interview, Garner said his screen persona as an easygoing guy smart enough to steer clear of a fight actually ran only so deep.
But it's also possible that the animals knocked Garner to the ground before killing and eating him, Frasier said.
We want to operate like a Walmart but deliver like a Nordstrom," said Garner, who elaborated that she believed Catalyst members crave both highly competitive pricing and high-touch service.
Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC was told at her sentence hearing that in fact Garner was running a ''thriving'''' S&M parlour.
Tariq Shakoor, defending, told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Garner had not been dealing at "prolific" levels adding: "He has had a significant heroin habit for a number of years.
Garner, 29, and Aaron Adamson, 21, of Drayton Road, Nuneaton, both pleaded guilty to stealing pounds 158,340 from their victim, who is in his 80s.
The court held, inter alia, that the Garners' case could proceed to trial and that the total amount of any jury verdict awarded to the Garners would be due and owing to the Garners, and that the hospital was not entitled to any credit for the amount which the Garners' attorney misappropriated to his own use.
At one point Garner finishes McConaughey's story about how his father told him about the birds and the bees.
Liverpool Crown Court yesterday heard when police pulled him over, Garner was so nervous he parked his van in the middle of the road, and when he got out he was visibly shaking.
Rebecca Garner, an SEC registered investment adviser, has resigned as president and chief investment officer of Garrison Asset Management of Fayetteville.
But when Houston police burst into the home of his friend John Geddes Lawrence in September 1998 and arrested the two men for having sex (then illegal under state law), Garner did not cower in retreat.