great auk

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large flightless auk of rocky islands off northern Atlantic coasts

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Wolley's researches in Iceland respecting the Garefowl or the Great Auk (Alca impennis Linn.
Recent notes on the Great Auk or Garefowl (Alca impennis Linn.
The Garefowls showed not the slightest disposition to repel the invaders, but immediately ran along under the high cliff, their heads erect, their little wings somewhat extended.
Because of the similarity, we had not questioned Breuil's 1912 remarks on the El Pendo engravings (later in Breuil 1952: 348) in calling one of the birds a pingouin, is a name we knew was usually but not always translated as Garefowl or Great Auk; and the bones of Great Auks are known from chronologically compatible Upper Palaeolithic levels.