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United States collector and patron of art who built a museum in Boston to house her collection and opened it to the public in 1903 (1840-1924)

writer of detective novels featuring Perry Mason (1889-1970)

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Gardner probably duped her into taking the lethal drink - 93-96 proof acid contained in drain cleaner - Mr Lineham said, perhaps as "a last toast before we part.
For more than two years Gardner has been claiming State benefits while living it up with the England football star.
at the Poliks Funeral Home, 431 Pleasant Street, Gardner.
Gardner, 29, became the first man in 13 years to beat three-time Olympic champion Aleksandr Karelin of Russia, in the heavyweight gold-medal match Wednesday at the Sydney Exhibition Center.
This is a marvelous 'win-win' situation for me," said Gardner.
The appointment of Gardner, a seasoned technology executive with 25 years of management experience, is part of a move to enhance the company's senior executive team, said Rodney P.
Gardner does pose a threat to society,'' said Clark, before handing down the sentence for one count of oral copulation with someone under 18 and two counts of oral copulation.
Gardner, who has led Gardner and Preston Moss as an independent investment advisory firm and as a division of INVESCO for more than 30 years; Ralph B.
I like what I'm doing now,'' said Wojtukiewicz, who taught physical education at Gardner Middle School before his retirement.
Gardner is a sympathetic main character who is struggling to understand the changes in his father and in his family.
He even signed it with the little cigar next to his name," Gardner said.
In his life, Gardner was a docker, as were a lot of his diamond compatriots of his era.
When Gardner was still a child, for example, he went to carnivals and took younger kids on bumper cars and the merry-go-round (29), partly in service of his dead brother and partly to palliate his own pain.
We just thought it fit the Endangered Species Act as well as some of the other species that have been listed," Gardner says.
He began his career as a certified public accountant in 1952, working his way up to senior partner at the accounting firm of Gardner, Waschler & Adelman, where he stayed until 1985.