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used for working in gardens or yards

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The Story of Copper Garden Tools is also a great read full of interesting facts like 40% of the copper in use today is recycled.
Also featured are DeWit garden tools from Holland with hand forged steel heads.
Dutch hoe This traditional push-pull hoe is a classic garden tool.
DC Ed Rowe, investigating officer, said the raid was the latest in a spate where garden tools had been used to break into houses.
BY POST: Post: Complete the coupon on this page and send a cheque or postal order for the correct amount (made payable to 'Autumn Tools Offer') to: Autumn Garden Tools Offer, PO Box 142, Horsham, RH13 5FJ.
The event is in aid of The Conservation Foundation's 'tools shed' programme, which gives free garden tools, repaired in a number of UK prisons, to schools and community gardens.
The bottom-line for Taiwanese garden tool exporters is that the budget cuts in the EU also tighten consumer spending and sap confidence, making the selling of garden tools, non-essential products, more challenging amid the uncertain recovery.
UnionTools has been crafting industrial and consumer lawn and garden tools for over a century, under a variety of well-known names, including RazorBack, UnionPro, and Gardener's Value.
Q I WANT some small-scale garden tools for my young niece.
Police are warning homeowners in Thornaby to secure garden tools after burglars used spades to force open windows and plunder homes during a spate of raids last month.
Alcryn melt-processible rubbers are said to be easily colored to help meet the growing demand for eye-catching, cost-efficient and durable parts in appliances, hand tools, garden tools, automobiles and other consumer applications where aesthetics are important, according to the manufacturer.
The Reuse Center accepts office equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, furniture and non-vehicular garden tools.
the world's largest manufacturer of nonpowered lawn and garden tools, where he held the position of president and CEO.