garter snake

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any of numerous nonvenomous longitudinally-striped viviparous North American and Central American snakes

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Richard Cornwell, a middle-school student, found a badly injured garden snake on the asphalt near his home in early May, his lawyer Eric Hanson said.
And a garden snake once took a snap at Jill after she tried to remove an egg the reptile had wrapped itself around.
He also demonstrates why he's one of the continent's top classical actors: Despite all the blatant gag-dropping here, Plummer's reactions are hauntingly subtle: a quaver that slithers like a garden snake across his magnificent baritone, a look of panic that freezes his features like a man glimpsing his own ghost.
I thought it'd be fun because I'd get to meet a garden snake and cut up stuff,'' he said.
When (firefighters) were responding to the call they thought it was a house snake or a garden snake, and they were surprised when they got there and saw it was rattler,'' he said.
The most common pests are field mice and small garden snakes, but I've heard stories of birds, woodchucks, and squirrels homesteading in scarecrows.
If you opt for tiny garden snakes, a 15-minute massage costs just $80.