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any of several inedible snails of the genus Helix

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The garden snail (Helix aspersa) qs bioindicor of organophosphorus exposure: effects of dimethoate on survival, growth and acetyicholinesterases activity.
Accumulation of Zn, Cu, Pb, and Cd in the garden snail (Helix aspersa): Implication for Predators .
Garden snails evolved from sea snails about 600 million years ago.
She removed the dart-making gland and its contents from about 200 garden snails.
Garden snails do well if they make one jab, but other species hold on to their love darts and wield them as daggers.
Chase and his McGill colleague Kristin Vaga reported in the April Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology that they haven't found clear behavioral signs of conflict, such as avoidance, in the mating of garden snails.
They have no qualms about using this artificial shelter, or about consuming unnatural food such as introduced garden snails, dog food, newspaper and kitchen scraps such as water melon
Karen added: "He has always loved garden snails and these are just a bigger version.
Instead of having to walk the shelves and then looking in the book indexes you simply ask the computer programme to find the word or words you are looking for; for example you could look up garden snails, vine weevils or whitefly.
One of Edinburgh's friendly Environmental Health officers told me Pierre Victoire buys large garden snails for use in his restaurants.
This study investigates the effect of temperature on phagocytosis activity in garden snails H.
Ma'aqbeh, Effect of temperature on phagocytosis activity in garden snails Helix aspersa; Adv.
This is one of the favourite hibernating spots for hundreds of garden snails, along with the dense dead foliage of pampas grass.
But after unleashing a batch of hungry predator snails she bought at a nursery, the garden snails disappeared.
Right now, he's got a thousand or so head of Helix aspersa - European brown garden snails.