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a county in southeastern England on the English Channel

United States painter noted for his woodcuts (1882-1971)

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Garden of England is really starting to gain momentum and we have already obtained fantastic listings.
But it's Kent's standing as the garden of England that really piques their interest.
Saves Time put up an improved performance last time and can finally strike gold in The Garden of England Handicap Hurdle at Folkestone.
The UK's Garden of England could soon be populated by kiwis, grapes, nectarines and peaches as climate change transforms the UK's fruit-growing conditions.
95pp for 4 days Price includes: Visits to Durham, Northumbrian Coast, Holy Island, Beamish ( admission included) Three nights stay at the Holiday Inn, Washington with dinner and full English breakfast Return coach travel from local departure points throughout North Wales See and enjoy the charming Garden of England, and visit three of its
Such awed and bated breath eschews disaster: In this electronically-sterile Glass-fronted Garden of England Everything must be lovely.
Grand British Isles from Hull On board MV Discovery Departs 26 March 2014 This hugely enjoyable circumnavigation of our sceptred isle includes the island outposts of Shetland, Mull, Guernsey and the Scillies, as well as calls at remote Scottish outpost Scrabster, the great cities of Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin and an inaugural visit to historic Dover, gateway to the beautiful Garden of England.
However, it's Kent's standing as the garden of England that really piques their interest.
The reason being that the south is the garden of England and they don't want to lose the tourist trade with wind turbines.
Left, ball KENT MAKING THE CUT Alex Adams with England team crest on lawn LIVERPOOL RAY OF LIGHT Illuminations at university WORLD CUP BUG Ant with a rice flag at insect expo BRISTOL BARMY ARMY Lee Bray's graffitied home LEEDS IT'S NOT CRICKET Fans show their support for the Beautiful Game at the Cricketers Arms DEVON GARDEN OF ENGLAND Monty Elliott, 84, shows off flowerbed in East Budleigh FOOTIE YORK HEROES Soldiers of Yorkshire Regiment fly flag at Imphal Barracks BRISTOL RALLYING AROUND A car on painted roundabout YORKSHIRE HEAVENLY SIGHT
THE WHITE HORSE BOUGHTON, KENT Where and why In the middle of Kent's glorious Garden of England, the White Horse is the sort of place that gives chocolate boxes a good name.
Kent should certainly set the standard in Division Two, however, and things are looking pretty rosy in the Garden of England.
The jockey has whiled away his enforced absence on the golf course, and wasted little time when scoring on just his second mount back in the Garden Of England Nursery.
Garden of England, with 125 years of preserving expertise, have created a range of chutneys that capture the very essence of England's finest fruits and vegetables and have then given them a creative twist to tantalise the taste-buds.