Garden of Eden

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a beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation


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But you mark my words--there must have been a deal of troublesome work with the flower-beds in the Garden of Eden.
For environmentalists, however, coming to terms with this new understanding would have been the equivalent of conceding the Garden of Eden had never existed.
THE PUBLICATION OF The Garden of Eden in 1986 sent shockwaves through the many communities of Hemingway's readers, from book reviewers to aficionados to scholars.
The snake was part of a menagerie of animals, also including a tiger, used in the routine, which choreographer Wade Robson said he'd based on a jungle and Garden of Eden theme.
Snakes and Ladders starts at the Garden of Eden, unfolding through to the death and resurrection of Christ.
The most ambitious dance on the Out of Line concert was Toth's Arrival, a full company work that explored a Garden of Eden theme from a woman's point of view -- and with a witty sense of abandon.
As its subtitle suggests, her new book is concerned with Milton's poetry and the visual arts, especially with depictions of the Garden of Eden in illuminated manuscripts, paintings, frescoes, and prints.
But aside from such questions of textual authority, I regularly teach The Garden of Eden in two of my upper-division undergraduate courses-Transatlantic Modernism and a seminar on Hemingway--because, warts and all, this is a beautifully-written, haunting, fascinating, and powerful book.
GARDEN OF EDEN Model Joanne Lawlor shows how gardening can be sexy at Eden Allotments in Co Antrim yesterday
I think Darren provides a big clue at the beginning with that quote from the Bible, how man is cast out of the Garden of Eden because he ate from the Tree of Knowledge.
In the Bible there are hundreds of references, from the Garden of Eden to Jacob's Ladder to the Annunciation and the temptations of Christ.
Long after the Garden of Eden was just a faint memory, and mankind multiplied on the earth, men and women gathered in the territory we now know as Iraq and decided to establish themselves securely so that they would never be dislodged.
In addition, Garden of Eden -- an upscale grocery store, Bank of New York and Innovative Audio, a high-end electronics store, all are expected to open before the New Year on Montague Street.
Roger Brett, 55, advertised his Garden of Eden club on the internet as an attraction for "liberated adults".
Martha Clarke's spectacular and often deeply disturbing visualization of the Hieronymus Bosch painting moves, like the panels of the triptych, through creation and the garden of Eden to Hell--throwing in the seven deadly sins for good measure.