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Synonyms for gnome

a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man

a short pithy saying expressing a general truth

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My son's in a reception class at school and I'm trying to teach him the right things - and there's Jesus Christ represented as a garden gnome.
He had broken in to the home, during the January 27 burglary, by using a garden gnome to smash through the kitchen window.
A WOLF-WHISTLING garden gnome called Happy has been silenced by police after complaints from harassed neighbours.
A RESTLESS garden gnome who went "walkabout" four years ago is back home in North Wales.
Gordon The Garden Gnome is the channel's latest lively offering which brings to life one of our most traditional garden ornaments.
WITH rather more pressing problems on her mind, it may have escaped Victoria Beckham's notice that she is only the ninth most wanted celebrity garden gnome at B&Q.
ACROSS: 1 Furnishings 8 Sin 9 Lap 11 Printer 12 Sauna 13 Let 14 Men 15 Notelet 17 Tab 19 Epic 21 Raft 23 Tsar 25 Scar 27 Odd 29 Caterer 31 Ass 34 Spa 36Moose 37 Patch up 38 End 39 Are 40 Garden gnome
CROOKS replaced the baby Jesus with a GARDEN GNOME in a Birmingham city centre nativity scene.
Already the world's smallest teen Thapa, who is shorter than a garden gnome, behaves and speaks like a child and attends nursery.
Gordon is a green-fingered garden gnome voiced by none other than star TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh.
POLICE have ordered a naked, large-breasted, festive garden gnome to be covered up after a motorist complained it was indecent.
The tiny bearded statues were nicked by members of the shadowy French Garden Gnome Liberation Front from homes in Saint-Die-des-Vosges, eastern France.
EWAN McGregor is set to ditch his light sabre for a challenging new role - as a garden gnome.