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The curvilinear and modular Learning Garden Beds are created using a rotational molding process.
They're looking for pieces to make a statement - just as they would indoors - with oversized furniture pieces, such as large garden beds which are perfect for creating a den or living room feel.
My compost piles are near my garden beds and adjacent to a small patch of lawn.
f) undertake civil works that include cut and fill as shown to achieve required levels for the new turf, concrete paving garden beds and softfall areas.
In fact one couple who helped us with the raised garden bed and bridge last year read our article in COUNTRYSIDE a few years ago and they have land just a few miles down the road from us.
That's why this is Mail Order Gardening Month, a time to plan which flowers and shrubs should go in which garden bed.
If you wish, just let the carnation wander through your garden bed, its attractive blue-green stems and leaves a pleasant complement to the multicolored foliage of sun coleus, for example, and also to the blue-gray stems and leaves of stock, which is another bedding plant for this time of year.
Each Lifetime Raised Garden Kit also comes with an exclusive Raised Garden Bed Guide booklet written by Bartholomew specifically for Lifetime.
We had a family who enjoyed their garden bed so much that they went and rented a field so that they could grow more," said Ms.
Dozens of eager children lined up along a raised garden bed at Food for Lane County's Grassroots Garden on Saturday morning and speculated about the size of the orange taproots lurking just under the soil.
When I read about the "Ultimate Raised Bed" (March, page 74), it struck me as the perfect thing I myself could do in a weekend, then have the kids pitch in the following weekend and fill the garden bed with dirt, seeds, and vegetables.
Q: I have a garden bed to which I added lots of peat moss and gypsum to make the clay soil better.
That's why this is Mail-Order Gardening Month, a time to plan which flowers and shrubs should go in which garden bed.
While our design is made to work with our 4' x 8' garden beds, the unit can be adapted to many different garden bed styles.