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a party of people assembled for social interaction out of doors

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Accession Day babies, who were born on the day the Queen came to the throne, could attend one of two garden parties hosted by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, in London and Edinburgh.
She said: 'Lyons did the catering at garden parties in those days and some of the girls served the Queen Mother,' said Mrs Boddy.
Councillors will no longer attend Royal garden parties after hearing interest had diminished considerably.
Incidentally, she apologised for her remarks and obviously still feels so sorry for saying those things that she is now having feel-good garden parties for those same Unionists she nailed only a few months ago.
From ``Suzy Bales Garden Parties,'' Clarkson Potter/Publishers Inc.
Guests at royal garden parties scoff an average of 14 cakes, sandwiches and ice creams each, it emerged.
In the 1950s the number of garden parties held at the palace was increased from two to three a year.
The Customer Service/Distributor Training Center is located in Japan and has separate areas for one on one meetings as well as a larger area to hold garden parties.
The emperor and empress host garden parties twice a year, in spring and fall.
Liz explains: "Many of us are competing to hold bigger and better summer garden parties but with that comes additional safety risks.
Garden parties have been held at Buckingham Palace sine the 1860s.
Buckingham Palace later stressed no actual invitations had yet been issued for any garden parties this summer.
Taking on a special significance in this centenary year of the First World War, the Queen, accompanied by her son the Duke of York, viewed a collection from King George's war museum, charting the origins of the garden parties from WWI.
She was invited to one of the three garden parties thrown annually by the queen for people who work in the public sector.
The Queen's garden parties are quintessentially British and a chance to celebrate the achievements of people who have contributed to public life or their local community.