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a young woman in the 1920s who flaunted her unconventional conduct and dress

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Butches could be Daddies, Garconnes, Sharpers, Scorpions, or Tadpoles, each easily identified by a specific haircut, eyebrow styling, and cut of suit.
Anne-Marie Sohn, "La Garconne Face a l'opinion publique: Type litteraire ou type social des annees 207" Le Mouvement social 80 (1972).
Baker (pronounced as "Bakhair" by the French) was the quintessential garconne (French for "flapper"), and she was virtually an ambassador for the sexual adventurousness of bohemian Paris in the 1920s (Rose 11; Haney 69).
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Focusing on Victor Margueritte's "best-selling" novel, La Garconne, she discerns similarities between the heroine and Drieu la Rochelle's veterans, in so far as both are stunned by their war experiences and both are sterile, the first because of her disavowal of feminine identity indicated by her short hair and promiscuity, the latter because of emasculation by the war and the newly independent woman.
She convincingly explains how women's fashions served to express cultural attitudes about gender and analyzes why popular novels like Victor Margueritte's La Garconne (1922) became so heavily laden with cultural meaning in the early 1920s.
I danced their works but I probably had my biggest success in the role of La Garconne (The Blue Girl) in Nijinska's Les Biches when it was revived in 1964.