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Spanish poet and dramatist who was shot dead by Franco's soldiers soon after the start of the Spanish Civil War (1898-1936)

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La existencia del informe policial se conocio en 23 de abril de 2015, cuando la Asociacion para la Recuperacion de la Memoria Historica (ARMH) anuncio que, con estos nuevos elementos, formularia una denuncia por la muerte de Garcia Lorca, ante la juez argentina Maria Servini de Cubria, que investiga los crimenes del franquismo.
Like Garcia Lorca, Talvet is able to combine the highly personal and individual with the suggestive anonymity of a folk song, as in "Viiskummend aastat tagasi laksime Koidula-kooli" (Fifty years ago, we went to the Koidula School), which blends the author's childhood memories with the repetitive pattern of motifs from Galician folk poetry and Gil Vicente.
The earliest American dramatization of Federico Garcia Lorca himself that I have been able to locate is Prometheus in Granada, a one-act radio play by the now obscure leftwing poet Norman Rosten.
Garcia Lorca was very familiar with Cervantes's entremeses as director of the itinerant student-run theater troupe La Barraca, which brought early mod ern classical Spanish plays to rural areas throughout Spain.
Todos ellos se han reunido ya con Pedro Henriquez Urena y Federico Garcia Lorca en el lugar de la utopia.
The Garcia Lorca portfolio which contains coloured lithographs and serigraphs originated in the 1990ies.
El unico poema cubano de Federico Garcia Lorca presenta una serie de facetas en relacion con los diferentes contextos literarios y extraliterarios que lo rodearon.
Based on a play of the same name by Federico Garcia Lorca, Sabri's puppet show was staged from November 2 to 6, at London's New Diorama Theater.
He also was the featured poet at the 13th annual celebration at Casa-Museo Federico Garcia Lorca in Granada, Spain, in May, discussing his own writings and the oeuvre of Garcia Lorca, on whom Lima has published.
Dated 23 October 1917, the second poem in Lorca's earliest poetry (Yo estaba triste frente a los sembrados [I was sad before the sown fields]; Garcia Lorca 1994b: 30-32) stands as the first trace of such a relationship.
By Federico Garcia Lorca, edited by Christopher Maurer, New Directions, New York City, 2010.
After sketching out the limitations of current models of textual interaction, the author examines the links between the work of Pablo Neruda, Federico Garcia Lorca, Hart Crane, Xavier Villaurrutia, and Adrienne Rich.
In the light of contradiction; desire in the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.
Something he did with Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel.
In an interview in Madrid, his niece Laura Garcia Lorca said the family didnAAEt want preferential treatment for him, condemning other victims to oblivion.